Life on Neebahgeezis; A Luminous Engagement curated by Maria HupfieldIn Conversation: Becoming an Accomplice, 2017

Siku Allooloo - Denendeh, Inuit/Taino/Canada/USA
Jaskiran Dhillon - New York/Philadelphia/Saskatoon, USA/Canada

Participatory Installation, Social Sculpture

Siku Allooloo and Jaskiran Dhillon, 2017

This project centres on solidarity building with Indigenous Nations based on the articles Notes on Becoming an Accomplice and Sister Notes on Becoming an Accomplice.

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Co-conspirators adopt an open mic format to win supporters, advocate for change, and gather with like-minded citizens for critical accountability to Indigenous Nations leading the movement for resurgence, decolonization, and reclamation of their homelands in North America. This project draws upon sister articles written by Allooloo and Dhillon (titled Notes on Becoming an Accomplice: Indigenous Women, Leadership, and Movement(s) for Decolonization, and Sister Notes on Becoming an Accomplice: Ancestral Lines and the Medicine Path) combined with commissioned texts by invited guests Gwen Benaway, T.L. Cowan, Alicia Elliott, and Karyn Recollet.

This event prompts engagement with what it means to act in awakened solidarity with Indigenous peoples - a step toward becoming a politicized accomplice - as opposed to the term 'ally' which often projects the illusion of change while simultaneously reproducing colonial power dynamics of the status quo. This work addresses the process of building radical solidarity among Indigenous peoples, white settlers, and people of colour.

Suitable for all ages

Cloud Gardens

14 Temperance Street

This project is outdoors.