Life on Neebahgeezis; A Luminous Engagement curated by Maria HupfieldManitowapow, speaking to the moon, 2017

Julie Nagam - Winnipeg, Metis / Canada

New Media Installation, Sculpture

singing our bones home, 2013
Photo: William and Alexandra

Wigwam-informed domes project imagery of human impact on the earth. Complemented by ambient audio recordings of the land, this immersive 360-degree experience reflects on contemporary environmental issues as witnessed by the moon above. 

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If you could speak to the watchful face of the moon, what would you say? In the wake of the current global climate crisis Nagam transmits warning beacons to signal and call out the state of today’s shifting environment. Complicity in contemporary issues and human mortality come to the forefront, recalling unclean drinking water, chemically-contaminated lakes, extractions of oil, metals, and gas, and the rapid melting of the polar ice caps.

Presented as an audio-visual installation of media-based sculptural domes made from harvested willow saplings, these half-moon geoforms radiate and pulse from inside First Canadian Place. Projected on the wigwam-informed structures are depictions of landscapes both in their natural environment and altered states of industry and destruction caused by human impact. Recordings of ambient outdoor sounds linked to the land compliment the sculptures, creating a 360-degree experience.

This installation expands Nagam's media explorations with domes and a mediated experience of the land.

Suitable for all ages

First Canadian Place

100 King Street West (East Atrium - accessible from Bay Street)

This project is indoors.