Life on Neebahgeezis; A Luminous Engagement curated by Maria HupfieldSerpent People, 2017

Aanmitaagzi Company - Nipissing First Nation, Anisinaabek/Canada

Live Theatre Provocation, Intervention, Interactive Installation

Serpent People (Shanel Lazarus), 2017
Photo: Sid Bobb

A series of interactive theatrical provocations on human consumption based on The Black Sturgeon stories, grounded in Anishinaabe Intelligence from Nipissing First Nation, North Bay, as told by Perry Mcleod-Shabogeesic.

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What are we consuming that takes us away from who we are? What will bring us back to ourselves? This series of epic decentralized theatrical performances is grounded in Anishinaabe Intelligence and stories of The Black Sturgeon from Nippissing First Nation, North Bay area, as told by Aanmitaagzi artist Perry Mcleod-Shabogesic.

Staged as a series of provocations this community engaged production asks the question what are we eating that gives us power? In the spirit of storytelling and oral tradition Serpent People gathers, reflects, and expresses stories and imaginings about the human condition. This durational effort ebbs and flows from dusk to dawn, providing different encounters with the audience throughout the evening. Like stars dropped down from the sky, this work is performed as an immersive performance at street level with a series of sculptural installations, performative interventions and a 15-foot puppet that explore our relationship to consumption. 

Suitable for all ages

Albert Street & James Street (behind Old City Hall)

This project is outdoors.