The Art of Inclusion Digital Art Exhibition

Michaƫlle Jean Foundation, Vancouver Foundation & Silk Road Institute

The Art of Inclusion Digital Art Collection

Video Installation

Woman and Art, 2015
Photo: Ryan Singh

Experience the magic of the Art of Inclusion installation, which unlocks the cinematographic genius of ten Muslim Canadian filmmakers. Aged 15-30, they captivate Nuit Blanche Toronto with a unique take on diversity and nationhood in 21st century Canada.

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Experience the magic of the Art of Inclusion, which unlocks the unique cinematographic perspectives of 14 budding Muslim Canadian filmmakers. Aged 15-30, each creator captivates Nuit Blanche Toronto with their unique take on inclusion in the age of rising xenophobia. Their pieces open a deeply personal window into the complexities of identity through an existential meditation on diversity that inspires hope in a world fractured by the forces of hate, terror and division.

With the theme “Combating Hate, Advancing Inclusion”, the installation invites each visitor to use the long-focus of humanism and societal responsibility and to cast out clichés hindering the progress of inclusion across all communities in Canada.

Suitable for all ages

Toronto Reference Library

789 Yonge Street

This project is indoors.