X, Y, & Zed

Glory Hole Gallery

Glory Hole Gallery - Toronto , Canada

Sculptural Installations

X,Y, & Zed, 2017

In a one-of-a-kind space visitors are asked to take a peek inside the small gallery spaces, and at the press of a button bring to life what each artist has responded and contributed to the exhibition theme of the present and future of gender expression.

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This is an exploration of gender in the present and future. Using art to help navigate and understand how gender is performed and thought about in Canada, each box acts not only as an individual display but as an individual gallery. Look through the holes to see into the mind of each artist!

First mounted in June 2017, this gallery is the first of it's kind, not only in Toronto, but worldwide as well. The gallery is queer-run and operated and promotes and maintains inclusivity and visibility, with a focus on LGBTQ+ artistic endeavors.

Parental guidance advised

Glad Day Bookshop + Glory Hole Gallery

499 Church Street (The space has a gender neutral and accessible washroom on site), (416)961.4161

This project is indoors.