Photon Gallery 3.0

Site 3 coLaboratory

Group Exhibition

Interactive Installation

Bullet-Time Waterfall, 2016

A collection of interactive lighting installations, including: LED garden plants and creatures; building-sized Tetris; 'invisible' paintings; sound-sensitive Fire Hockey Table; and a 'Bullet-Time Waterfall.' 


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Photon Gallery 3.0 is a collection of mind-blowing, awe-inspiring interactive lighting installations created by members of the Site 3 community.

Displayed in the upstairs gallery space as well as around the outside of the building, the installations will include: a garden of LED plants and creatures; the transformation of a building wall into a Tetris game; 'invisible' paintings using infrared LEDs; a Ruben's Air Hockey Table that produces small flames that react to sound; a 'Bullet-Time Waterfall' that lets people freeze falling water droplets mid-air; wearable tech costumes; a light-paintable canvas with laser 'paint brushes' for people to create their own art; and a number of 'sentient' glowing orbs that communicate and interact with the public synesthetically through a combination of light and sound.  

Suitable for all ages

Site 3 coLaboratory

718 Ossington Avenue (Alleyway behind the church and look for the red doors.)

This project is both indoors and outdoors.