Wiggly Street

Wiggly Events

Takin Nateghi - Toronto, Canada
Ryan Longo - Toronto, Canada
Aleks Bartosik - Toronto, Canada
Rouzbeh Heydari - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

Photo of REACTOR, 2016

Historic images will be projected as the audience enters Wiggly Street. Each hour, being a 24-hour cycle, will start with a performance igniting the 'Reactor', fueled by the vibrations caused by audience movement.

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Wiggly Street includes projection mapping, sculptural installations with LED components representing futuristic urban forestry, and live audio and group dance performances. Based on the theme of Canadian nationality, the project features Canadian and major world milestones and symbolisms that represent Canadian culture and values, such as multiculturalism, equality, and universality.

Each hour, representing a 24-hour cycle, will begin with a live performance that tells a story of love, harmony, and unity of the potential unknown, which are fundamental Canadian values. This performance will symbolically ignite the 'Reactor' that powers the installation, fueled by the vibrations caused by audience movement.


Every hour on the hour, a durational performance will begin.

Suitable for all ages

Thompson Laneway

Broadview & Thompson Lane

This project is outdoors.