Warm Up To Me

Warm Up To Me Collective

Anupa Khemadasa - Colombo/Toronto, Sri Lanka/Canada
Tijana Spasic - Pozarevac/Toronto, Serbia/Canada
Kale Ridsdale - Cambridge, Canada
Rena Myrtaj - Vlore, Albania

Interactive Installation

Warm Up To Me Project, 2017
Photo: Mike B.

Six neighbourhoods that live worlds apart, diverse and homogenous, now in the city's core: hear their stories. Jane & Finch, Leslieville, Parkdale, Rosedale, Thorncliffe, Forest Hill, and experience what a living space from each would be like.

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Warm Up To Me is a sound and visual installation sourced from six neighbourhoods throughout the city. Listen to the resident stories of Jane & Finch / Leslieville, Rosedale / Parkdale, Forest Hill / Thorncliffe.

Canada is a country of global citizens, with stories that connect us to all corners of the globe. However, often the most intriguing stories that carry a person's history and memory of place are kept within small cultural circles. This project is speaks to our desire to bridge a city separated by racial and economic differences through sharing stories of and with each other.

Suitable for all ages

393 University Avenue (Walkway between 393 and 439 University Avenue, accessible via Centre Avenue)

This project is outdoors.