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F_RM lab - Cambridge, Canada


STARscape Rendering, 2017

This installation features an undulating fabric canopy catching digitally generated projections of stars interpreting the northern Canadian night sky. This contrasts the unfortunate reality of Toronto's current empty and light polluted night sky.

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Traditionally, Canadians have been connected to our vast, natural landscapes. At night our sky fills with stars that reveal an endless world beyond us. As our cities expand, stars in our sky have become hidden by light pollution. What was once a crucial part of human history is now invisible to us. This installation asks us to recall our heritage as explorers, while imagining how we could regain a connection to our vast skies in the future.

This question is posed through an undulating canopy that stretches through an alleyway, surrounding viewers in a veil of digitally generated stars. The mesh canopy reaches down to create pockets that surround the occupants in stars, while at the same time providing a view of the real night sky; a dull empty slate. The contrast between these two artificial conditions create a sense of fantasy and reveal a stark reality.

Suitable for all ages

5 Camden Street

This project is outdoors.