Layered Cities

Anne Hanrahan

Anne Hanrahan - Toronto, Canada

New Media Installation

Rendering of Layered Cities Installation, 2017

Explore urban possibilities for the future of Canadian cities by moving through layers of projected images of cities from both Canada, and countries that Canadians have originated from. The layered images change as the audience moves through the space.


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What happens when we are given the opportunity to question how different urban environments can change our realities? This installation investigates city transformation in Canada, and countries that Canadians have originated from, by layering images of both settings to suggest new forms of urban experiences. Based on diverse cultural design practices that citizens bring to their city, the projections stand in an open maze-like structure where the images change with the audience's movement through the space. The user will self-create a unique visual experience producing an immersive involvement with the content. 

The projections use Anne's own city research through photography to show varied global cultures and landscapes, suggesting new possible urban layers for future built form in Canadian cities.

Suitable for all ages

Artscape Youngplace

180 Shaw Street (Flex Studio 107)

This project is indoors.