Project Mackenzie


Mathew Borrett - Orangeville, Canada
Summer Leigh - Markham, Canada
Josh Gonsalves - Ajax, Canada

Interactive Installation

EnvisionTO at the Mackenzie House, 2017
Photo: Summer Leigh

As William Lyon Mackenzie, Toronto's rebel mayor, incredulously stared out his window, all he knew is that he was no longer in the year 1859.

His house? Now the site of an EnvisionTO time portal. 

The portal will open: 09.30.17 at 19:00:00

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As twilight began to fade, Mackenzie lit a lantern beside him and kicked back with one of the day’s papers. He barely had a chance to begin reading the first paragraph when unfathomable sounds from outside began growing in volume. He rushed to the window, just able to grab the sill as a bright flash enveloped him. He opened his eyes to see a very different world out his window from the one he knew. Crowds of people stared up at him from glowing portals on his lawn as he incredulously stared back. William Lyon Mackenzie had been transported three centuries into the future to the year 2167.

His house? The newest site of an EnvisionTO time portal.

Come experience 2167 for yourself.

The portal will open 09.30.17 at 19:00:00. 

Suitable for all ages

Mackenzie House

82 Bond Street

This project is outdoors.