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On the Job, 2015
Photo: DEPARTMENT Selfie

Help the DEPARTMENT commemorate overlooked civic sites, including a unique palliative care hospice, an 1883 polling station and other iconic Toronto sites. Dialogue with other Torontonians, listen to their memories and share some of your own.

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Over the 12 hours of Nuit Blanche Toronto, the DEPARTMENT will unveil three new signs to commemorate overlooked civic sites. Join them to remember a unique palliative care hospice that closed in 2013; the activism of night cleaners working in buildings surrounding Queen’s Park in the 1970s; and an 1883 referendum that spurred the development of the Toronto Public Library system.

Between official unveilings, the DEPARTMENT will be on the job preparing to install their new signs and gathering memories from passersby. Find them in the vicinity of each sign unveiling up to one hour before and one hour after the times listed below.


Remember "Perram House" (outside 4 Wellesley Place) @ 8:30 pm; Remember "Cleaner's Action" (80 Grosvenor Street) @ 12:00 am; Remember "Vote for the Free Library" (NW Corner of Yonge & Charles) @ 4:00 am. For the rest of the night the DEPARTMENT will be on the move. Find us near these locations for up to one hour before and one hour after the times listed. Check Twitter @publicmem for up-to-the-minute locations.

Parental guidance advised

4 Wellesley Place (outside)

Yonge Street & Charles Street, (Northwest corner)

80 Grosvenor Street

This project is outdoors.