Group Exhibition

Interactive Installation

Interior View at Nathan Phillips Square (Rendering), 2017
Photo: Tristan Sito

Located at Nathan Phillips Square and University/College, Porta-Party encourages social activity in a traditonally anti-social space using landscaping and portable toilets.

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Porta-Party invites Nuit Blanche Toronto attendees to relieve themselves in an inversion of traditional public washrooms. Located at Nathan Phillips Square, the project uses a combination of landscaping, portable toilets and atmospheric lighting to encourage social activity in a traditonally anti-social space. 

For many years, the public bathroom has remained an unspoken ideological battlefield. Despite being entrenched in issues of sanitation rights, gender equality, the growing privatization of public space, and more, public bathrooms have remained a relatively taboo topic. Porta-Party invites users to consider these topics, while imagining unusual interventions to create more interesting public space.

Suitable for all ages

Nathan Phillips Square

100 Queen St W (Bay Street closure, between Queen Street and Albert Street)

This project is outdoors.