Have You Seen My Sister?

Artists of the Aurora

Artists of the Aurora - Toronto, Canada


Everywoman/Missing poster, 2017
Photo: Klassen/Handa-Kipphoff/Knight

Voices sing names of Canada's missing women. Guests tie ribbons to connect missing women with women missing from boardrooms, courts and government.

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A 12 hour installation for unaccompanied voice in which names of women and girls who are missing in Ontario are sung as if calling them home. The names of those who have been murdered are recited as these women are not returning home. Piece includes call and echo sections for audience participation. Ribbons, which can be taken home or used to create art on site, serve as a reminder of the missing. When worn, they prompt one to look around corridors of privilege (e.g. boardrooms, courts, markets) and ask: “Who’s missing?”. Globally, the most disenfranchised women are overrepresented in these statistics. In Canada, it is women of indigenous background, women of visible minority, women living in poverty and people who are trans. Is the phenomenon of missing and murdered women a mystery or an expected outcome of political and cultural dynamics?

Parental guidance advised

Grosvenor Street

between Bay Street and Surrey Place, (416) 606.0799

This project is outdoors.