We Pause at Twilight

====\\DeRAIL Platform for Art + Architecture

====\\DeRAIL - Toronto, Canada

Performance Art

We Pause At Twilight, 2017
Photo: Martin Helmut Reis

====\\DeRAIL celebrates new possible futures within the natural and industrial landscape of the West Toronto Railpath. We pause at twilight and invite you to lose yourself along a playful trail of multi-sensory experiences.

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“We Pause at Twilight” is a place-specific, ephemeral live dance performance intervention and participatory audio-choreography by artist Cara Spooner that explores the idea of pause and activates the Pause Platforms in the golden twilight hours of sunset and sunrise along the West Toronto Railpath.

"We Pause at Twilight" features two special performances with corresponding audio available at derailart.com.

The audio vignettes are tethered to a specific node on the railpath, inviting the audience to pause in those spaces; to see, hear, smell and engage their bodies in new ways.

Wear comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and bring your cellphone with data and headphones.

Coinciding with Cara Spooner's performance, MOCA and Drake Commissary in collaboration with Sedition present video artworks on the screen at 128 Sterling Road from dusk ’til dawn.


Performance 1 Sat 30 Sept - 5:30pm Meet at Pause Platforms near Henderson Brewing 128 Sterling Rd. Continues north on railpath for approx. 1hr. Performance 2 Sun 1 Oct - 6:45am Meet at Wallace Bridge/ N. of Bloor/UPExpress. Continues south on railpath for approx. 1hr.

Suitable for all ages

West Toronto Railpath

West Toronto Railpath & Bloor Street West (We Pause at Twilight features two special performances only: Sunset performance meets at Henderson Brewing parking lot (128 Sterling Rd.); Sunrise performance meets at Wallace Bridge north of the Bloor/UP station. See Schedule for details.)

This project is outdoors.