Stratigraphy: Landscape Imprints


8eleven - Toronto, Canada
Alex R.M. Thompson - Toronto, Canada


Layer layout rendering, 2017
Photo: Alex R.M. Thompson

Challenging the notion of obsolescence, the installation folds past, present, and future into one instant of interaction. The floating crystal chandelier sculpture takes viewers into an ephemeral 3-dimensional map of Toronto’s landscape and stories.

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The installation employs printmaking techniques to create a visually spectacular experience through a composite of acrylic, reflective panels (mirrors), and light. The work references a succession of rock layers, where at each level lies a context that embodies geographic artifacts or natural events and historical human practices. The sculpture, floating like a crystal chandelier, captures the viewer’s image and reflects it onto an ephemeral 3 dimensional map of Toronto’s landscape and histories that are engraved on the panels. These acrylic and reflective panels together with theatrical lighting act as a blank slate on which personal histories of every occupant of the space can be enacted. The work challenges the notion of obsolescence folding past (the panels), present (the reflection), and future (the reimagined vision) into one instant of interaction.

Suitable for all ages

401 Richmond

401 Richmond Street West

This project is indoors.