Invisible Tattoos

Zahra Saleki

Zahra Saleki - Toronto, Canada

Photography Installation

Invisible Tattoos, 2016

Walk through 150 light boxes depicting the eyes of 150 Canadians, First Nations and newcomers, overlaid with text that draws together personal stories and larger histories that affect their lives.

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Invisible Tattoos is a psychedelic photography-based installation. This project is about the interconnection of memories and imagination. Memories often come with stories and what is better to represent stories than our eyes. Eyes tell stories, stories that are hacked into them with an invisible ink, and are not seen but felt by the others. This project is made of three hundred photographs that the artist taken over the fourteen years that she has lived in Canada and they are mixed and projected into the eyes of the people that she has met here.  The way Invisible tattoos will be presented is half of the images will be installed on a giant light ball, which will be in the center of the room while the other half will be installed on the walls. People will be able to walk around the light ball, which will be surrounded by the light walls and mirrors.

Suitable for all ages

Artscape Youngplace

180 Shaw Street (Flex Studio 108), (647)836.0452

This project is indoors.