Revealing the Nighttime Local Colours of Ontario

Symeon van Donkelaar

Symeon van Donkelaar - Waterloo, Canada

Earth Art Installation

Unseen Paris Ochre (detail), 2017

In Revealing Nighttime Local Colours, new local colours that are only visible at night, which are made from Ontario’s land, will be woven into visual stories made from myth, history, and personal experience. 

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Revealing Nighttime Local Colours, an earth pigment installation and part of the ongoing, 'Hieroglyph Stories of Canada' series. Seen at Nunu Ethiopian Fusion, Symeon van Donkelaar presents his work as a pigment hunter who has foraged local colours across Canada. His pigmented scrolls manifesting the Ontario landscape's brilliant blacklight colours and their tales, revealing the muse embodied in each while addressing our limited perceptions of the earth and environment in which we live. Having taken dozens of pilgrimages to communities across Ontario to collect earth from these landscapes, he reveals new brilliant hues from these places that are only visible at night. Van Donkelaar builds on his investigations of local colour as shaping knowledge through journey, bestowing value in making, and enabling creativity by imposing limitations. Previous projects include The 100 mile Art Project: Cambridge (2008) and Pilgrimage: Finding Canada’s Local Colours (2015).

Suitable for all ages

Nunu Ethiopian Fusion

1178 Queen Street West

This project is both indoors and outdoors.