Tamo Vamo

Sean Cartwright & Kristina Boka

Sean Cartwright - Toronto, Canada
Kristina Boka - Toronto, Canada

Video Installation

Tamo Vamo, 2017

Recounting the story of a young woman who escaped Sarajevo in 1992 and the decision she faced to either stay in Canada or return home and start again.

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This piece recounts the true story of a young woman who left her childhood home in Sarajevo in 1992. Past experiences that are relevant in today's world are explored: the plight of refugees that are desperate to migrate to a safe haven, their adaptation to a new way of life in a unfamiliar place, and their eventual choice between staying in Canada or moving back to their former war-torn home to begin again.

Her story is told though an abstract visual projection in combination with audio recordings, in a mix of languages. The video is a non-linear, erratic, dream-like narrative that will further echo the confusion and tension of her experience.

Suitable for all ages

Artscape Youngplace

180 Shaw Street (Flex Studio 109)

This project is indoors.