The Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) Clinic

Wilfrid Laurier University

Jennifer McDougall - Waterloo, Canada
Nourhan Hegazy - Toronto, Canada
Prateeksha Singh - Toronto/Varanasi , Canada/India
Bergur Ebbi - Reykjavik, Iceland


NDD Clinic, 2040

TORONTO, 2067 - Nature has become inaccessible to the masses, urbanites have little choice but to “plug” into nature. This futuristic intervention unveils where the lines between ‘unplugging’ while in nature and ‘plugging’ into nature get blurred.

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The NDD Clinic (@NDDClinic) is a specialist clinic from the future that examines and treats Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD). 

In the year 2067, the concept of open and free access to nature in the urban environment ceases to exist. Climate change is now an omnipresent danger leaving no city dweller unscathed; being diagnosed with Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) is only a matter of time.

This futuristic intervention unveils how our relationship with the natural world is changing.
The space is an interactive choreography of visual, lighting and sound elements to bring the 2067 plot to life. Visitors are “patients” who experience the various multisensory elements as they navigate through the installation.

Suitable for all ages

Laurier Toronto

130 King Street West (Main Floor, Exchange Tower)

This project is indoors.