Speculating in Futures

University of Toronto Schools

Visual Arts - University of Toronto Schools - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

Speculating in Futures (artist rendering), 2017

The front lawn of a century-old high school is filled with interactive installations based on popular games or fortune-telling activities. 

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Make your fortune with an interactive mashup of gambling and divination.

A Japanese “pachinko” gambling game standing at the corner of Bloor and Spadina becomes an allegory of chance versus control. Each launch of the ball can result in a multiplicity of outcomes. With determination and luck, good fortune can result – but how many end up broke(n)?

our fortune pays out with huge Tarot cards depicting icons and quandaries wielding power and influence over Canada’s future. What might the contemporary equivalent of “The Magician”, “The Fool” or the “The Lovers” look like?

This project is unique because it is student-directed. Students drive the ideation, planning and production of the artwork. Where obstacles have emerged along the way, Toronto artist Mitchell Chan has provided valuable creative and technical support.

Suitable for all ages

University of Toronto Schools

371 Bloor Street West

This project is outdoors.