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TCDSB Artists

TCDSB Artists - Toronto, Canada


Rendering of Tessellating Tile Triptych, 2017

Over 200 tessellating artworks will be collected to form a collaboration of Canadianess. Bold, colourful, subtle and engaging, the panels will embrace the diversity of Canada150 and demonstrate the creativity of multi-culturalism.

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The artworks created will display the talents of Artists from a diverse range of backgrounds. Each panel will demonstrate a unique view of what it means to be Canadian. The tiles are designed to connect to all other tiles, forming a veritable collaboration of themes. The themes reflect Arts and Culture, History and the Environment. This artist collective will embrace the beauty of Canada by providing images from over 200 communities in Toronto celebrating Canada150.

Suitable for all ages

Monsignor Fraser College (Isabella Campus)

146 Isabella Street (Located outside, at the back of the building; follow the east driveway.)

This project is outdoors.