The Family Camera

Royal Ontario Museum

Photography Installation

The Family Camera, 2017
Photo: Top left, Agnes Rees. Courtesy of Ann Bassnett. Top right, Unknown photographer. Courtesy of Dr. Kenneth Montague. Middle left, Derry Martin. Courtesy of the Somerset family. Bottom, Sang Thai. Courtesy of the Lu-Thai family.

See family photographs through a Canadian lens and discover the role they play in shaping our sense of self, family, community, and nations.

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The Family Camera invites you to see family photographs differently. Tucked away in a box, framed on the wall, or saved to the cloud, personal photos are all around us in abundance. For Canadians, family photographs are often linked to stories of migration. Whether recent or in the distant past, over short or long distances, international or even within Canada, photographs play an important role in these experiences. From departures and arrivals to everyday moments and milestones, they capture these journeys and keep us connected; even the family photos that are lost or destroyed along the way can still linger in our imaginations.

Discover the connections between family, photography, and migration and bring your idea of family into focus.


Last entry: 6:00 am

Suitable for all ages

Royal Ontario Museum

100 Queens Park

This project is indoors.