Fly By Night 2017

The Gladstone Hotel

Group Exhibition


Fly By Night: Nuit Blanche Toronto at the Gladstone, 2017

#FlyByNight2017 is a series of ephemeral performances and installations that embody unexpected, boundary-pushing, creative, one-night-only art experiences within Toronto’s oldest continuously-run hotel and cultural hub.

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The Gladstone is pleased to present FLY BY NIGHT 2017; Nuit Blanche Toronto at the Gladstone Hotel!

#FlyByNight2017 showcases immersive and ephemeral performances and installations in the hotel’s second floor studios public space. Fly By Night embodies the unexpected and boundary-pushing, creative one-night-only art experiences within Toronto’s oldest continuously run hotel and cultural hub. This year, guests will enjoy a neon dreams and projected wonders and beyond through emersion of the senses. Guests will experience the visual, hysterical, transformational and experiential in each unique environment within the various spaces in the building in this dusk-to-dawn tour-de-force exhibition.

Additionally, the Gladstone's main floor Ballroom will also be getting in on the magic of Nuit Blanche Toronto; where guests can enjoy libations, music and art installation. For the Bar-stars, our Melody Bar will also have Karaoke that will ensure a memorable Nuit Blanche Toronto 2017. 

Don't miss this 1-night-only art activation during Toronto's largest contemporary art event! #nbTO17

Parental guidance advised

The Gladstone Hotel

1214 Queen Street West (2nd Floor Gallery)

This project is indoors.