Monument to the Century of Revolutions curated by Nato ThompsonVillage Print Shop, 2017

Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

Uprisings: Images of Labor installation view, 2013

This temporary community print shop engages with the public to print materials for various participating artist activists and organizations. This project is an active print and distribution hub to disseminate the voices of the revolution.

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Village Print Shop is a temporary community silkscreen studio, activating the space and engaging with the public to produce visual materials for our artist/activist neighbors participating in the other shipping containers. With your help, banners, t-shirts and posters will be printed that address a variety of pressing issues facing Toronto’s communities.

In addition to live printing, visitors may add prints to an ongoing wheatpaste mural on the exterior of the container. The container will change and evolve throughout the evening as new prints are added. The project will act as both a hub to engage visitors in the activity of printing, as well as a distribution center to disseminate the voices of the revolution.

Come pull a squeegee and take a printed poster with you to extend these messages outside of this all night art event!

The posters for the container were contributed by Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, as well as created at the workshop with Nikolay Oleynikov on September 26 in Toronto by the volunteers and members of public:

Allan Cullen, Alesya Nesolenova, Alex Moshkin, Elena Golubtsova, Erin Mcintosh, Fathuma Junaid, Jessica Frasca, Jim Drobnick, Lam Thanh Phong, Luiza Moshkin, Lynne Kozina,Mayank Wankhede, Michael Kats, Monika Tekwani, Ysh Cabana  

Suitable for all ages

Nathan Phillips Square

100 Queen Street West

This project is both indoors and outdoors.