Monument to the Century of Revolutions curated by Nato ThompsonPostcapitalist Propaganda, 2017

Tough Guy Mountain - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

Postcapitalist Propaganda, 2017

Postcapitalist Propaganda is an interactive advertising campaign, using  animation, printed matter and live performance. It’s about a future where postcapitalism is hegemonic and capitalism is resistant.

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More than at any other point in time, for this generation, there is a fear, an energy, and a belief that capitalism will end. The smiling mask of Neoliberalism has been torn away to expose the well-established hideous truth about the fundamental nature of Capitalism; that it is built on, and thrives off inequality.

It fuels and perpetuates racist, sexist, misogynistic, classist perspectives. The time for debating between right and left has ended, and the time to end this structure and move onto what comes next has come. Tough Guy Mountain is here to contribute to this momentous shift with a marketing campaign.

A marketing campaign that celebrates a post-work, equality based economy from a future where postcapitalism hegemonic reigns and capitalism is resistant. Performers activate the installation as brand ambassadors and capitalist protesters.

Postcapitalist Propaganda is an interactive installation composed of projected animation, printed matter and live performance. It draws from the work of Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams, and imports it into the narrative hyper-capitalist fantasy of the art collective Tough Guy Mountain.

Suitable for all ages

Nathan Phillips Square

100 Queen Street West

This project is both indoors and outdoors.