Calculating Upon the Unforeseen curated by Clara Halpernthe future is a distorted landscape, 2017

Christina Battle - Edmonton, Canada

Video Installation

the future is a distorted landscape, 2017

This new video installation, dispersed across multiple screens, imagines visions of a potential future, both good and bad, offering a way to encourage the collective creation of a better one.

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Science fiction books and films often suggest alternative visions for society. This multiscreen video installation takes up time travel as a political act and a way to draw attention to the failings and inequalities embedded within contemporary life.

Chronesthesia, or mental time travel, refers to the brain’s ability to remember the past while imagining the future. In essence, chronesthesia allows us to visualize the future based on our previous experiences. The more exposure we have to an experience or a particular type of event, the more likely it is that we can imagine and realize a similar event in the future. The recent discovery of gravitational waves by a team of astrophysicists in Louisiana makes the fantasy of time travel seem possible, even if not within our lifetimes. The knowledge that it might be possible to escape from the struggles unfolding worldwide (climate change, capitalism, inequality, nuclear war, bigotry) offers much needed hope. This project proposes that visualizations which imagine what the future might look like, both good and bad, could offer a way to encourage the collective creation of a better one.

Suitable for all ages

Dundas Street & Centre Street (The project will also be hosted on a number of screens along Dundas Street West to Yonge-Dundas Square.)

This project is outdoors.