Calculating Upon the Unforeseen curated by Clara HalpernEmbassy, 2017

Cedric Bomford - Victoria, Canada
Verena Kaminiarz - Victoria, Canada


der-bohnenturm / the Bean Tower (Berlin, Germany), 2010

Embassy is an imagined, temporary, foreign mission. This large-scale installation built from scaffolding and building wrap suggests a space half-built, still in process, on its way to becoming something larger and more permanent.

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Embassy is an imagined, temporary, foreign mission. The official residence or offices of a nation’s ambassador symbolize a country outside of its borders. Though these residences, built of bricks and mortar, adorned with national flags and symbols of identity, appear to be fixed, they are guests, their presence dependent on diplomatic relationships between nations, which can range from steadfast and consistent to complex, shifting, at times, even volatile.

This installation is designed to adapt to the site where it is located; which can be seen as opportunistic, parasitic and political. Though large in scale, it is constructed from familiar materials - metal scaffolding wrapped in printed vinyl, materials most often used to cover the facade of a building undergoing construction. It suggests a space half-realized, as if on its way to becoming something larger, something more permanent. Given the current trend of hardening nationalism around the world, it seems fitting to reflect on notions of national identity. Forever in progress, Embassy requires visitors to complete the structure in their minds. 

Suitable for all ages

Dundas Street West & Chestnut Street

This project is outdoors.