Taking to the Streets curated by Barbara FischerAutomobile, 2012 - ongoing

Joseph Namy - Beirut, Lebanon

With guest sound selectors: SUN SUN (at 9pm), 2oolman from A Tribe Called Red (at 12am), L'oqenz (at 3am)
Amplified through the customized car sound systems of: Alvin Ramroop, Andrew Ragnauth, Chippy Narsingh, Fernando Vega, Jon Lozon, Jonathan Ali, Matthew Alexopolous, McNeil Laslee, Salim Mangrue, Zamir Chadee, Zamir Khan

Variable channel sound performance for cars with super modified stereo systems.

Placeholder: Automobile iteration III, performance at Theater Der Welt, Mannheim, DE, 2014
Photo: Christian Kleiner

Meeting after hours, cars are gathered and ignite engines and speakers simultaneously in an orchestrated effort. The sounds make people feel the music through the body and with dance.

Thank you to Ontario Bass Society

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A group of cars with souped-up sound systems are parked under the bridge on Wellesley Street, in front of the parliament building. You can hear the bass way before you see them. For Nuit Blanche, Joe Namy rigs these systems together into a 6 channel immersive sound piece amplified through the cars, with guest sound selectors SUN SUN, 2oolman, and L'oqenz performing original sets.

In stereo automobiles ignite engines and speakers simultaneously. The acoustics are an homage to the street as a place of coming together, indebted to the road and on this night the geographical indent under this bridge in the middle of the city. Bouncing sounds off the parliament building in defense of loud music, with systems that technically are illegal if played at full power.

There is something fundamentally primal about bass, the way it taps into the subconscious and resonates deep inside us. Some people listen to music. Some people feel music with dance, or in meditation, or through enormous sub woofers in the trunk of their car that pushes air so hard it can vibrate your soul. In cars, we are somewhere, in music we are somewhere else. What we love about noise is the way we lose ourselves in it, moving through feeling, a dance in solidarity.

Suitable for all ages

Wellesley Street West & Queen's Park Crescent West (Access the Queen's Park Crescent underpass from Wellesley Street West.)

This project is outdoors.