Taking to the Streets curated by Barbara FischerListen to the Chorus, 2017

Madeleine Co. - Toronto, Canada
Nasim Asgari - Toronto, Canada
Cecilia Livingston - Toronto, Canada
Performers: Jacoba Barber-Rozema, Joanna Burt, Renée Ashanta Henry, Nasim Asgari


Listen to the Chorus, 2017

A multi-screen chorus mimics, disrupts, and reimagines words and conversations around the state of women’s rights and our possible futures.

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The public sphere is saturated and constantly abuzz with opinions on the state of women’s rights and their possible futures. Listen to the Chorus is an immersive video installation which explores the state of women's rights and a collective desire for change. An experimental composition combining poetry and music, Listen to the Chorus was developed from a series of conversations about women's experiences and hopes for the future. The piece seeks to amplify voices of those who identify as women and to present a chorus of resistance that implores the audience to listen.

Nasim Asgari is a thinker and dreamer, born in Tehran and based in Toronto. A seeker and student of the truth who passionately writes and performs poetry. Nasim's poems will soon be available in her upcoming literary release titled, "What was swept under the Persian rug."

With music described as "haunting" and "eerily beautiful" (Tapestry Opera), Canadian composer Cecilia Livingston is a 2015-2017 Fellow at American Opera Projects in New York and a Visiting Research Fellow at King's College London (UK).

Suitable for all ages

Ontario Police Memorial Park

23 Queen's Park Crescent East (Accessible from Queen's Park Crescent and from Grosvenor Street.)

This project is outdoors.