Taking to the Streets curated by Barbara FischerWhere Once Stood a Bandstand for Cruising & Shelter, 2017

Hazel Meyer - Toronto, Canada
Project carried out by: Deserée LaFayette, Ms. Nookie Galore, Sara Torrie, Mairi Greig, Julie Fiala, Basil AlZeri

Sculpture & Performance

Holes n Stott, 2016

Prose, dialogue, quotes, and lists  get word out for protests. Attached to a massive bronze equestrian statue, the banners counter with a warm, pulsing, desiring, horizontal political body.

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Have you noticed the new scaffold towering above Queen's Park Crescent? Set up in the middle of an otherwise-empty traffic island, the scaffold’s purpose is unclear, until the banners begin to fall.

Four-stories up, atop the scaffold, performers unfurl these banners in the tradition of activist “banner drops” that infiltrate conspicuous public spaces to make demands. Each banner adds lines to a swelling prose poem on the storied histories of Queen’s Park: its protests, cruising grounds, and contentious monuments to colonization. As the next banner unfurls, the one before it falls to the ground, joining soft, crumpled piles that swell along with the poem’s arc. Lists and quotes, single words and wordplay, and stories of bodies finding each other in time and space, are pitched from the platform in alternation. The drop is a repetitive, ongoing action that sets a rhythm for these words. Representing a conversation rather than a demand, the pulse of the horizontal text evokes the multiple, desiring political bodies working inside or on the periphery of Queen’s Park.

Suitable for all ages

Queen's Park Cres & Queen's Park North (Accessible from the Queen's Park Crescent road closure in Queens Park (north of the Legislative Building))

This project is outdoors.